Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Alright, so they're a little corny with their lyrics. Still unbelievably catchy, fun to listen to, easy to dance to. Great music overall. This pop punk band keeps the essence of speedy riffs and overall fun music.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Title Fight

Okay, if you know anything about pop punk, you gotta know something about Title Fight.  They are the essence of pop punk.  Catchy, meaningful, tough, sweet, you name it.  They are what most pop punk bands strive for.  Check them out ASAP


Crucial Dudes!

Well, I promised my friends I'd make a shout-out out here.  Don't get wrong, I'm not just doing them a favor, these dudes are pretty crucial! They're up and coming, just did a tour up to Canada, great guys, amazing music, make sure you check these dudes out!!


How about Latterman?

Ah, if only they were still with us today. Unfortunately they all split up a while ago to do their own thing. They have some of the catchiest riffs in all of pop-punk. Powerful vocals and and all-around amazing performance. You can check out the new project called RVIVR (which actually doesnt have a myspace, just a website \m/). But still, Latterman, check em.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

To go along with my previous post..

Probably should have included a video of some sorts.  This song gives me chills every time.  I love soupy's stories.  He's a great guy.

The Wonder Years!

Let's talk about The Wonder Years. Good Friends of mine, great guys, amazing stories along with even more amazing music.  I could go on for hours about these guys.  It's something you must experience for yourself.